3+ hour que KAZZAK! Not Acceptable

Well it would need to be a forum ban since a gametime ban would not be noticeable for the majority of us right now.

Let’s be real, spamming works, just ask shadow priests.

Imposing moderator is also one of those?

face consequences of choosing to play at A FULL REALM.

dOnt pLaY aT fUlL rEaLm U dUm DuM…
GTFO for real, I started at Draenor when it was medium, what should I do? transfer because you said so?


i faced queues at ravencrest since cataclysm, i was much younger and didnt cried at forums because of it. MAN UP.

Multiple threads on the same topic will be deleted

When multiple threads cover the same topic we will typically leave one of them open, lock one with an explanation, and delete the rest. This is done to allow other topics to still have a place on the forums. Which thread is left open typically depends on the thread length and how constructive the first post and the thread in general are.

This is paid service I will complain about it all I can if it’s lacking.
If you don’t have nothing valuable to say then stay shut.

So an angry voice that bans you and fades away the next day is worth more than taking a chill pill and make a post in the other thread where you still can post your opinion and not get banned?

If you give up the entire expansion after the obvious maybe the game wasn’t for you, players that truly like this game don’t give up after a month.

stop crying in my forums

Why are you complaining with so many posts bumping the thread?
If you just said the first thing then ignored it, let it fall down on the list.

It is very frustrating to wait 2-3 hours each time you are trying to log in you might now know this that is fine but people are also allowed to be frustrated about the situation.

Genuinely curious, has anyone reached out to CS to request a free transfer in relation to the unacceptable queue times?

Couldn’t you guys just create one large thread and stick to it?

There’s no need for each one of you to make a “I can’t log in” thread.

No they can’t, these Karens need to be heard in their own thread. /sarcasm

Even though I linked the rules.

Queue the insults.

out of 37posts 7 are yours 19% of posts are you on this one thread.
You could have done it with 1

Well, people don’t take any notice so I have to post many times.

Guys if I try to log on another char to farm Rei Lun, will I go back to the queue or not ? (server silvermoon )
I’m toot afraid to go on my alt.

I marked your replies as spam and trolling. Leave others alone.


As long as you don’t change realm you will be fine.

Is informing people of the rules Bullying them? I don’t think so. I assume you meant bully.

Great !

10 char

I didn’t know Karen was playing WOW!