3 Lies he will offer you

I’m sure i’ve tossed this theory into a post on here before but with the new revelations that i won’t mention here to avoid spoilers i wanted to post it properly as a potential for one of the lies.

During your initial escape of the maw in the introduction to shadowlands, Anduin creates a barrier to allow everyone to escape, as he does this, he tells you a lie.
Perhaps not intentionally by him, but old god prophecies are never black and white, they tend to be half truths.

The lie he told you was, “The light is with me, even here”.

Why is this a lie?
Because despite the light “helping” him to allow us to escape, the light has also helped the Jailer in getting his target. Why is this important?
“The Light has made a pact with the enemy of all .”
The light “helped” Anduin here purely to deliver him directly to the Jailer. The light wasn’t with him in the sense of being with him in the way he thought, the light was present, but not with him (or standing with him if you’re not sure of context).

Then some other quotes to fuel it a bit.

“The golden one claims a vacant throne.”
“The crown of light will bring only darkness.”


What if this refers to Christie Golden assassinating J Allen Brack to become grand overlord of Warcraft, to drive the final nail in the franchise coffin?

We truly are in the end times


Literally makes no sense. For Priests and Paladins Light is only a weapon or a tool to be used. Light is not sentient (or at least we have never seen it to be). The closest thing to sentient Light are the Naaru, but even those are not the actual, pure Light that Anduin or others use.

Anduin used the light to let us escape, and that’s exactly what he achieved, idk what about this statement is not true.

The Light did not deliver him there, but Sylvanas’ Val’Kyr, Light has literally nothing to do with all of this.

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It makes sense as in the light is a cosmic force in its own. The Naaru are the equivalent of what the old gods are to the cosmic force of Void being the Void Lords.


So? That’s literally what I just said. It’s not sentient, it is a force that exists to be used with the exception of naaru who again, are not pure light itself. The post is overly philosophical for no real reason, It’s like Anduin was lying when he asked his father for help at battle for lordaeron and thought he answered. It’s just a sentimental phrase or something that’s supposed to give him hope, don’t overthink every line in this game, Blizzard doesn’t put that much effort into details to write a whole new massive lore around it

I get what you mean and I am not fond of Anduin becoming a pawn of the Jailor. And i dont think he lied when he got help by the light in Lordaeron. In the Maw however the Jailor merely snaps his finger and Barrier is gone which could be a hint at the pact indeed.
I personally believe the pact refers to the leaked spoilers though. Also the Old Gods arent to be taken too serious in regards of the whispers since we know they tend lie.

Also you said it yourself

Its not too unlikely that the Naaru represent the Light as sentinent beings. And we saw in Legion that they arent as benevolent as we thought they are. But it does not have to be a sentinent being either. It could simply refer to Anduin…or light wielders in general…I mean Arthas was a paladin too.

So its a theory.
The post is refering to ingame content. So I dont know what you mean with philosophical, overthinking or read into the story. SL pretty much shows that they put in details in that evolve into the main story.

And if you think there is no point in discussing theories because they dont put effort into the lore or something, why even bother with somebody’s theory?

Its a possible scenario the OP wanted to discuss. Nobody claimed it to be the truth or canon.


Sylvanas’ val’kyrs were left out on Azeroth. Hopefully that will remain that way. Mawsworn were supposedly created by Helya.

I would prefer not to see a story about them developing stockholm syndrome.

gl hf

Imagine trying to sensibly discuss a theory and getting flak and insults for it.

In a place you discuss things.

In the words of some poor unfortunate guard in Suramar that died 5 seconds after:

“Something is not quite right here…”

literally no one insulted him. i just said it doesn’t make sense at all which an actual response which he should expect when writing a theory.
stop making imaginary scenarios in your head and stick to reality please

Its a common misconception to mix what it means to lie or to wrongly believe something is true.

Lying implies an active effort at masking the truth, and i doubt Anduin was doing such back then.
He may have been wrong when he stated such, but it was less of a lie, and more about him fooling himself.

the writer is trash

I didnt take it as an insult to be honest. He just has another opinion and that by itself is fine. Its a part of a discussion and he wasnt in any way offensive.

I just wanted to point out that it is in the game and not some tinfoil theory somebody came up with by overthinking etc. I meant it makes no sense theorizing or commenting on a theory if one has the opinion that the details arent important and that Blizzard doesnt put effort in.

What I didnt mean to do is discard his opinion.
I rather tried to express that the OP has legit reasons to theorize about this.

So everybody relax, we have different opinions but that’s totally fine. This is what makes discussions interesting and worthwhile. Giving each other input in form of different point of views, not fighting each other.

Have a nice weekend.

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Genuine question here that i really need you to answer.

Why did you feel the need to cut out the sentance above what you quoted that literally explains why this can still be construed as a lie only to then go ahead and make your post about how this can’t be a lie.

Just why?

Because i wasn’t about to quote the entire post and felt like only referencing the sentence that summarised the gist of it all.

But if you want me to explicitly address the bits before the sentence i quoted, i’ll just expand on the fact that if this happens:

Then the one lying ISN’T the boy king.
And therefore, can’t be argued as a case that proves the prophecy you mention.

I think its really simple: In order to lie to someone, the person doing such needs to know that what he is saying isn’t true.

If Anduin says “The Light is with me”, in order to lie, he’d have to believe that in reality the Light ISN’T with him.

If this is all a ploy made by some other being, then Anduin a.k.a the Boy King, isn’t lying.
He is being lied to.

There is a difference between being wrong and lying.

The prophecy is from the old gods, who never give exacts, they always deal in half truths.

Him saying something that is not true regardless of him knowing or not, can be taken as a lie when its being described by the old gods.

There was no need to quote the entire post, as i said in my question it’s the literal last sentance before what you quoted.

But as usual people only ever want to respond to posts with “uhhh actually this is that” arguments, never discussions.

a o-kay chill bud, whatever you say.

You’d think so.

But other forum posts don’t agree.

Not sure if you talk generally or mean that I have been offensive towards anyone in one of mine which I cant recall really? Feel free to show me if thats the case cause I really dont intend to.

And if you speak generally, it is a rather philosophical topic, in my opinion thereare also many people that are indeed discussing in a constructive way. For the forum as whole I think that quote sums it up pretty well (cant find the author to quote him or her sadly):

“We blame society but we are society”.

I could now of course ramble on endlessly about it but thats not the Threads topic and I dont want it to derail. So i will leave it at that.

Have a nice one. :hibiscus:

The former, rather.

But yes, fortunately, the forums can still produce its diamonds.


Half truths imply metaphorical rhetoric and/or potential plots that may not come to pass.

What you are trying to pass as such there, is having an Old God changing what lying means.

there is nothing to ruin J Allen Brack has driven the franchise into the sodding grave already its just a undead abomination now