30 haste or 1%?

Hi all, thinking of rolling a holy priest and can’t decide what to rolll, Goblin or Panda lady.
Is the 1% haste from goblin better than double the food buff (currently 30x2)?

Obviously the Panda is more versatile if I change spec and need a different food buff but the goblin has a nice movement ability.

Do you want to be a little snotball or a fat furry?

How about a less hated race? :see_no_evil:
Blood elves 1% crit is insanely good.

Thanks for responding but that doesn’t seem to address which is better between 30 stat and 1%. I’m glad you enjoy Belfs though. :slight_smile:

Haste is not neccessary an immense OP statt as it has a softcap and the mobility from Goblin isn’t rlly needed, priest isn’t the slowest class out there.

I like to think Panda is better.
Also because depending your gear you might want to change foodbuff (or feast!)

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