30 IQ Points Loss Guarantee

Only by clicking this SS of Alliance premade:


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Hello Drivenscope ! How are you ?

Stop lie please that’s not a good thing.
We was 4, we are friends and we play together what is your problem ? NO we don’t know the others players who was there and the second Bg you SEE we was the four same people again and different people with us. Don’t be mad my love.
See u soon in battleground.


skill issue

I am fine girl, thanks. Yes, i have secret lovers.

I didn’t give any number, so there isn’t any lie. Also you don’t need to do any explanations, as long as Blizz give you right to que as group.

Class composition was absurd so i shared for fun. I don’t get it why you are in defensive stance actually. I won’t cast Sniper Shot on you anymore, so i hope you will forgive me.

You missed the point bro. You shouldn’t click it.

not that i care about ur link drivenscope just wanted to say haaaii

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Ooooh !

I will missed you so much. But… okay !


I’ve seen some weird sh!t in my time playing this game but that takes the cake. Our guild leader was a an EotS on Tuesday where the opposition team (Alliance) had 10 Hunters in their team of 15. Not too long ago I went up against an Alliance team consisting of 6 Warriors, 3 Priests and a Druid in Twin Peaks, but nothing as crazy as what Gigachaddar faced.

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Seen pretty much everything you can imagine from premades. Seen full 15’s of Druids, Warlocks, Hunters in the past, an extreme rarity I must say, I’ve even seen a full 15 of healers in AB, that was literally the most frustrating and braincell dwindling game I’ve ever been in I think.

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There is nothing that burns the brain more in a normal BG than 5 healers on the same team (Those with the name crossed out) in a 15 BG, and they still manage to lose. :clown_face:


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