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I have a Samsung CHG90 49" 32:9 native aspect ratio monitor connected to my GTX960 via HDMI. this works pretty well but i am seeing a lot of stretching of the image towards each extreme of the monitor, is there a way to set the aspect ratio to 32:9 or another way that I can stop this stretching (other than not going full screen and having a much smaller res). Are there any plans to implement 32:9?

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Do you not have the option to shift it to the proper resolution? 32:9 is basically 16:9 with the width doubled so that’s either 3200x900 or 3840x1080 as the resolutions you need

If youre trying 1920x1080 for example the vertical vieuw will be fine because the vert equals 3840x1080’ vert but it is forced to stretch the horizontal 1920 pixels over twice the width

The fact that it works with fullscreen enabled means its supported because fullscreen just copies your native machine settings, wether its an option in the drop down menu for resolution I dont know

Also if youve tried these or if it doesn’t work try sharing what you have tried

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