3600 Conquest to get 2h weapons

Morning fellow fury warriors,

I hope I’m not the only one who finds it ridiculous that fury warriors gotta grind 3600 conquest points to get weapons, while most other classes only need half of that to get their weapons sorted.

Perhaps a tip for Blizzard to make the amount of conquest points needed for weapons equal to all classes.

Thanks !

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They never will, bexause it allows 2handed classes to gear faster then dual wielders im afraid.

Same in pve, 2handed swords require 2x sparks while 1handers only demand 1x spark, also unsuffer the fact 2handed weapons have a lower drop rate

Agreed however, its incrediblt annoying fury gets so f’d over in terms of this

Don’t worry too much about it, your mainhand will be the conquest weapon - yet your offhand will be the offhand of the season: Be it Gavel, Geti’ikku, Ashkandi and so on. So, don’t worry too much about the point cost.

You can easilly drop the 2nd twohander and go for a honor twohander, while you fill up the rest of your gear with conquest. The Offhander is far from as efficent, so the ilvl diff matters less. So per conquest point you will gain more, usually, from buying 1 mainhander, chestpiece, pants and shoulders, than two twohanders. Basically, the final twohander is a fill spot, usually picked from the vault.

Worry more about the difficulty of getting that offhand effect instead :dracthyr_a1:

What I actually meant was that the combination of weapons either may it be 1 2hander, 2 1handers or a 1hander + shield wil always be the same amount of conquest… so everyone pays the same for their weapons.

A fury warrior will get 2 2handers in one go, a paladin tank will get a 1 hander + shield in one go, a rogue will get 2 1handers in one go, an arms warrior will get 1 2hander in one go, etc… and they all pay the same conquest price.

Aaah that could work yes

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So make it work like the legion artifact? Not a bad idea indeed

The only point left would be: What about specialization changes? If I go from Arms to Fury, how would this work?

Just like you are saying Chrimo… like the legion weapons, so the fury weapons come as a pair and can only be wielded as fury specced (with optimal stats for fury and perhaps with some special improvement for the spec)… this ofcourse would count for every spec.

If you go arms you will need to get the arms weapon with it’s own optimized arms stats en improvement…

Or perhaps give the players options to adjust the stats.

This would be an awesome idea and also give pvp players something more to aim for then only rating/rank… give them some transmog options and customisation on those weapons. :sunglasses:

Any thoughts ? :blush:

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