366 DH 8/8HC LFG/RaidTeam Alliance


Hi there,

I’m a 366 Havoc DH NE.
I’m looking for a guild or raiding team to reclear hc or even mythic. (always been a mythic raider previous expansions).
My main points of intrest are raiding & M+ keys.
I recently factionchanged my DH since looking for new Story line & a new main. (I come from rogue) since i got tired it.
At this point I want to find a weekly steady team to progress & soon be ready for the next incomming raid & patch.

Atm im located at the server Steamwheedlecartle, but after trail I don’t mind a server transfer if needed.

My regards, HyperSoniic

(Hillyhills) #2

Hey would you be up for changing faction at all? I know you’re alliance now but I’m GM of Confusion - Tarren Mill and we’re 2/8 Mythic and super chill have a great community. We raid Thursdays/Sunday 20:30-23:30 server time.

let me know :slight_smile:

(Yandeere) #3

Here is our Raid recruitment post. Hit me up in discord if you are interested. Yandere#1423
If our times fix yours, we can trial you and you can test us for 2 weeks before you consider a server transfer, we are in outland.

We could use somebody that would like to take charge on organizing M+ within the guild. We have quality players that are too lazy to do so.

Looking forward to talk to you.



<Terracotta Pie> Frostmane Alliance is recruiting for Raiding and M+ content in BFA we’re semi-hardcore but a relaxed atmosphere Looking to step away from PUGS and Push Guild Group Content We’re both a social and a progression guild and everyone is welcome. 8/8 HC 1/8 M
We have people of various experience and assist whenever we are able! add Numlock#21955 so we can chat