4/8 Mythic Raider, Looking for a new guild


Hello there,

I’m looking to move to a new guild with the mentality of getting CE each tier and do M+ whenever is possible. My experience is 4/8 with my shaman named Shockdoken-Kazzak.

My goal is to find a guild that feels fun to raid with and do M+ together, I play this game a lot but haven’t found the guild that has raiding times which suits my schedule.

Raiding times are crucial for me due to work

  • I prefer to raid 2 days, but 3 is ok as well

  • From Saturday to Wednesday: Can raid from 1:00 pm to 9:30 pm CET.

  • Thursday and Friday : Any time from 1:00 pm to 12:00 am CET.

I’m on Kazzak, but I can transfer to any realm if the guild has been established for several expansions (I just don’t want to transfer to a guild and the next day they’re disbanding).

I have multiple characters that are 435+, but I only raid with

  • Eyecu-Kazzak / DH - Main

  • Shockdoken-Kazzak / DPS shaman - Alt

Drop me a replay with info of your guild if you’re interested, otherwise thank you for reading so far!.