4 months and counting of spenders being weaker then builders

It has now gone an entire tier for holy paladin where your spenders are weaker then your builders.

A flash of light heals for more, costs less mana and resets holy shock.

WoG heals is just a fol but heals for about 15% less.

For a class thats supposed to be a builder/spender, it makes no sense that this has been allowed to exist for the entire patch.

Imagine if this was the fact for rogues or feral druids.


Worst state HPal had been in ages… even worse that we had a great rework just 1 patch ago which made our playstyle extremely fun, fluent and intuitive which got nerfed to a complete clunky clusterf**k fest. And no changes are in sight so far.

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And in ptr hpal feels worse than it is now!

This is what people wanted when they asked for Holy paladin to be a Melee spec

Sorry, but what are you talking about?

Current holy paladin state is primaraly because of the caster playstyle not the melee, where every spell costs way to much mana because FOL is free, making fol (and caster focus) the only real playstyle in mythic raiding.

They buffed caster spells and nerfed builders because of it. Lets not forget either that the spender system first existed when caster was the only playstyle several expansions ago and “melee” didnt exist. It didn’t work then either which is why they removed it to begin with.

That’s not even mentioning how well melee mistweaver plays right now and it isnt a problem there. The play style is very fluid and it does amazing throughput. Why? Because whoever redesigned mw actually cares and they have spent the next patches and months improving it.

Holy pala got reworked, had the kite nerfed to the ground to the point of it not being balanced anymore (wasting holy power is best throughput and better mana) and then they just gave up and left it.


Holy paladin has NEVER in the history of world of warcraft used mana from vanilla until this expansion.
It was the melee playstyle that made holy paladin get the mana cost do not lie to yourself.
It was the FOTM rerollers complaining who made the mana nerf happen.

The melee playstyle literally is a Holy shock bot playstyle That is all it is.
Shockadin is old school style.
What we paladins wanted shockadin to be was a ranged dps spec not for healing.
Half way in BFA Glimmer got introduced (and found to be a good way it took until after BoD for the playstyle to actually come out at people as it was different stats you needed for it)

Doesn’t matter what they have or havent used previously. Melee playstyle introduced issues sure, but that’s not the reason that hpala is in the state that it is.

The current mana situation for holy pala is due to blizzards stance on healer mana that saw significant change for every healers in the 10.2 patch.

On top of this, blizzard in their infinate wisdom, decided to make FOL free and nerf the mana cost of every other spell which has shoehorned us into the mess of a spec where all we do is press HS and free FOL to try and not go oom.

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