4 piece feels bad to use

Please fix it so the 4 piece effect starts WITH last stand instead of when it ends.
It feels so bad waiting for last stand to run out before you get to do some aoe shieldslams.

Often I find myself using last stand between pulls - so I have the DR and DPS effect with the next pull.

What do you do ?

a) 10s before pull you use last stand

you loose a defensive

b) 10s after pull pop dps cooldowns

you have less initial threat and might have GCD locks from having to use defensives / cc

Just use it as a offensive tool and on CD. Prot Warrior will only use or need Last Stand as a defensive in the most niche of happenings. So, don’t worry about it. Pop it on CD and enjoy the minmaxing of the damage aspect in whatever way you find to be more efficent.

If you head over to the class discord, Skyhold, there is a protection warrior section that has discussed the issue at length and will be happy to see you join the conversation.

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