4 ppl (1tank,1heal,2dps) looking for 2day raiding guild (any server)

Looking for a 2 day raiding guild on any server.
Want to join with 3 of my friends
1 tank (monk/dk)
rio: /characters/eu/kazzak/Bananbullen

1 healer (druid/priest)
rio: /characters/eu/draenor/Gre%C3%A8n

2 dps (hunter/priest + hunter/rogue)
rio: /characters/eu/draenor/Gardiss
rio: /characters/eu/draenor/Zorkina

Can check my logs (Gardiss), but my friends have not raided this tier.

Reply here or add me on bnet for further contact: gardiss#2642

Hey, if you guys are still looking for a raiding guild, check us out !