4 th day i can't log in


So since Sunday night i am not able to log in to the game .I get the realm list ,choose one and then it kicks me out to the log in screen. I have read allot of so called solutions,and i am thankful to all the people who provided them,but i will not bug with my settings anymore. on Monday i was able to log in for couple of minutes ! Wich proves me that the problem is not coming from me ! I will post everyday until Blizzard fixes this problem . And urge people to do the same because that is the only way they are going to fix this

(Dottie) #2

Is your subscription up to date, if you don’t have one this is what happens. Also does it give you an error?


Account without sub is taking you to character selection screen and then you can only play < 20 level characters, if he is kicked when choosing realm then it’s 100% not subscription issue.