40% of people that reply to threads only read the title

keep it short and precises i say …

if i go to a thread and it is a wall of text… and the subject isn’t great … ain’t no way i will be reading it.

keep it short and to the point people and u will get more in depth replies from me lol.

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TLDR op? Too much text

No, i however find you bad at knowing i am serious in what i said. Looks like your just here to mock.

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Thank you for confirming that you are a troll, nice of you.

Hell I don’t even read that much.
I just scroll endlessly through the top 5 threads in GD for any comments I can reply a suitable meme to.


Your name is written also above your comment

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Says the person making threads for attention.


Behold, we have a genius in our midst!

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If you really want to be heard learn to be concise. If you want to write a few paragraphs then summarize your point first and then expand on it.

Also don’t clickbait people with your title

But is that not the thing you want answers from?

Bad conclusion if 60% read it that’s not a bad return.

It also depends on what you wanted to achieve? If you want to change the world its not happening. If you wanted to vent or get others input then it worked.

All in all, not a terrible experiment, now you just need to learn to draw conclusions from the data rather than having a conclusion in mind and shorlehorning the data to fit it.

cos they feel like they have to spread their wisdom and got opinion about everything.

Attention? What attention?

Every post is an attention to other people, are you even sane?
As you stated you don’t like reading stuff, then why are you even on this forum?

Sure sure
Can I have your gold, craftig mats and pets?
I guess its an usual ranting pretend to leave thread
I dunno, I rarely read the posts
:moneybag: :question:

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I kind of go the other way, if someone writes something uber short, it is generally a meme, full of emoji’s or just a generic response. (Which can be funny, admittedly! ) It always makes me chuckle when people go “It was too long” when it would be generally about as long as one page on a paperback novel if that.

-That’s too long for people?- Jesus H Christ…

Before anyone goes “Brevity is the soul of wit” just remember that is a quote from ‘Hamlet’ by William Shakespeare, who was not exactly known for brevity, and is said by Polonius, who is deliberately portrayed as a comic buffoon, hardly the sort of person to emulate. It is one of those phrases, people love to say “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit” without actually saying the whole quote, “Sarcasm is is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence”.

Regrettably most “I Quit” Threads are utterly pointless, and so tediously repetitive that people have a stock answer. Asking people to actually have a sensible discussion on such matters is normally fruitless, given that two sentences seem to be too long for many people. Which is pretty tragic…

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I have actually read your other thread completely, and decided not to reply on topic quite a while ago… So your percentage numbers are kind of irrevelant. People may read topics and comment only if they think valuable or relevant information.

I also assumed it was a trolling topic; but not commented on that post ; thinking i may be over assuming ; but lo and behold ; you ‘‘kind of’’ proved me true.

welcome back in azeroth huntsbeard

40% of people might not have read it, but 100% of people is glad you did not quit. What do we do with even fewer dwarves to drink beer with?

(Pun intended as you only drink water huehueh).

Not wake up with stinking hangovers? :stuck_out_tongue:

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