405 Resto shaman lf guild! Returning from 6 month break


Hi there, I am returning from a half year long break and would like to find a new home before 8.2 and The Eternal Palace . Had to quit in the early weeks of uldir due to work, however I have a more suitable work schedule for raiding nowdays (daytime).

Ideally looking for a laid back but serious raiding guild which not afraid to have a bit of banter but puts a lot of focus into progression as well.

My goal for each tier/season is to get “Cutting Edge” and “Keystone Master”


  • 23 years old male, from Sweden
  • Got huge experience from “semi-hardcore” raiding since Wrath, during MoP I was playing in a guild where we reached top 400 worldwide.
  • I do play alot, in Legion I did probably around 20-25 M+ high key runs every week with old guild.
  • Currently 405 ilvl with neck lvl 46
  • Im ready to change realm if I find your offer intresting enough

If you have any questions just add me and throw me a whisper.

BATTLENET: Zeeku#2970

Best regards