410 Bm lf mythic + oriented guild


I play BM Hunter (410) as a main so far on Silvermoon Alliance side. I am 26 yo. Can speak English and willing to communicate. Looking for Guild who does 10 + mythic for pushing higher. I am at 1117 Rio Atm. Best run WM+14 +1. Cant seem to find anyone who accept my hunter. I am in a guild atm but they are clicked and 1-2 people play together in 3-4 groups but cant convince them to go together and make an effort for push.
If you are intrested Reply or add me on Bnet: Phyxes 21476

(Xari) #2

Heya Phyxiz,

Should you be open for a realm/faction change, my guild is always on the lookout for more m+'ers to join us and a BM hunter would certainy fit well!

Regarding m+ we have quite some players with several alts who love pushing keys. Most key runs happen during evenings and weekends and outside our raiddays (wed and sun evening).

For more general info about us, you can always have a look at our guildvid:

If this sounds interesting for you, feel free to hit me up: xarial#2863

Our discord: discord.gg/nkfZ3r

Kind regards,