410 HPriest LF M Raiding guild. 3/9M BoD



Currently looking for a mythic raiding guild to continue raiding with. Currently 3/9M 9/9HC. Currently playing on AD, but will gladly consider switching to a different server if needed.

All timeslots can be worked around easily enough.

Can also play Discipline to a reasonable level, although I am currently far more comfortable playing Holy.

Don’t mind helping out with keys, and similar things, but have no real interest in hard pushing anything beyond +10.

Feel free to message me on bnet - ShadowHunter#2482 - with any questions or general inquiries!


(Kotah) #2

Hey, check us out at the link below :slight_smile: [A]<Requiem> 6/8 Mythic TEP (8/8M CE BfDA) - Recruiting!


Hi there,

I don’t know if you would be interested in going horde since you didnt specify which faction but here goes we are on the search for a holy/disc priest for are last remaining healing spot if your interested at all please check are recruitment post below thanks.