440ilvl rogue lf guild on magtheridon

Looking for a friendly not-so-much-tryharding guild that is interested mostly in m+, but also runs raids - preferably HC and Mythic
I prefer mythic+ runs, overall PvE but would not decline any PvP content…
My previous guild has moved to another realm due to inactivity on the realm, but I think there is still many players that I can have fun with, so I am hoping to find some :slight_smile:

My main ,rogue, on MAGTHERIDON, is assasination 440 ilvl - 1200 rio, but also have an alt druid, where I prefer healing, have reached max only recently,so is 420 ilvl
I really enjoy the game at the moment, so really looking forward to meet some friendly group of people and have some fun together ^^