450k Kingsbane, 350k Frost Bomb in arena

Maybe some additional nerfs are in order?


Legit feels like I’m being attacked in a cold winter dark alley way.


yea you can dispell frost bomb but ur right its way too high and you cant rely on healer all the time.saw the kingsbane too. i would also add feral druid they can do 300k bite.

Yeah we’ve been asking Blizzard all expansion to please let us be more survivable with a good bleed build, instead we got 80% buff to FB when at full energy. :smiley: And now I can bet we’ll get bites nerfed and nothing compensated for it. :smiley:


I hate those specs which put you under mercy of dice god…

Why they are bad:
Victim get disapointment, those who use never become better players, because dice god something allow you to win game you totaly not deserve to win, yet dice god also makes you lose games you are suposed to win.

Its ok mage and rogue are “set-up” classes

they need to set it up i tell you

coordination too

lots of coordination mmmmhm

you are focusing on the numbers, but you are blind to the coordination and setup that actually oneshotted you


I wouldn’t call them “setup” classes but rather foolproof classes.

They can just do 1 million mistakes… reset and start all over again… fail at it again… reset and start all over again until they are smart enough to not do a mistake and win. No other comp can do so many mistakes in a row and still have a chance of winning and not losing because of it. The history of rogue+mage since 2004.


make one, ez.

I think blizzad need to look into those high hits…

Its just lame when you die because enemy proced something while crit god guided his hand. For you its what happened moment , for player who did it its just fake sense of being good player, criting someone =/= skills.

In order for kingsbane to do a lot of damage, the rogue must have a lot of uptime on you due to the mechanics of the spell. The counterplay is to limit the uptime during kingsbane, please note that Kingsbane cannot be dispelled with dwarf racial or similar, although it’s considered poison. If you do the perfect rotation during kingsbane and nobody stops you, which involves perfect usage of slice and dice, envenom buff, and shiv buff, you can do a 1 mln damage Kingsbane easily.

Frost bomb is like a concentrated version of explosive shot - it does not AOE but does more single target damage, quite strong yes

ok this made me laugh alot :rofl: :rofl:

This is not quite true. The DoT is nerfed by a lot in PvP. If you use it on the PvP dummy for some reason the nerfs don’t apply so you can pull off crazy numbers indeed. But on a player, it is impossible to go anywhere near those numbers.

What deals high damage right now is the initial hit that you can buff with many, many modifiers.

goremaw also does 300k same feral bite .nothing was adressedon balancing.and the map pool is still trash.its season 3 and pvp has been awful.

This could be my “fault” to a certain extent, because I reported a bug on the 10.2 PTR that cold blood does not work with the initial hit of Kingsbane, and it was fixed with the next PTR update literally 2 days later :smiley: no idea if it was a coincidence

I’m not sure if many people play cold blood as assa, but at least with kingsbane it has a certain place now

How is this a mage problem?


Many people do to perform some cheesy big hit with Kingsbane, but it is actually very short sighted to do so!

What does representation have to do with obnoxious ability design & tuning? Besides, frost mage is the second most represented ranged spec at 2200+ in 3s atm. Please try a bit harder.

Im maxed out on current gear + tier set and I never did 300k bite.
There scenarios where you can do a single bite of 200k followed by another 150k if lucky and they both crit, let me explain:
Ferocious Bite works like this:
It requires 25 energy but if you use it at that it hits like a noodle, however if you use it above 50 energy , it does 100% more damage (so in essence just like eviscerate does double damage if you have proced Find Weakness)
However feral is starved on energy and its not practical to wait for bite, so this 300k bite even if possible will not follow by another making it a simple and reasonable burst even with our exhaduration.
But again- i seriously doubt 300k bite crit + on a 18% crit chance… its once in a blue moon.

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You don’t seem to be up to date with current talents. The new talent Saber Jaws increases FB damage by an additional 80%.

No its not how it works It increases the bonus damage of FB, so if it does 100% bonus damage when you got 50 energy , it would do 180% minus the 30% nerf of Fb in pvp resulting in 150%.
And it does it only when you got energy above 50, which is around 2 times every 30 seconds on 18% crit chance, thats as i said it once in a blue moon and its not 300k its 200k.
Also have in mind warlocks run around with 200k extra Hp and a giant shield.
Seriously doubt warlock guy has problems with ferals as much as he has generally with anybody else.