470 Enhancer LF M+ & Raid Guild

Hey am looking for an active raid guild.

Here’s the cliff notes version of what I am looking for:

  • HC (+) guild preferred: If the roster allows for some progression in mythic over the course of the season, I’d love it. However, i am not looking for “serious” mythic raiding with the goal of CE. 2 raids per week is my sweet spot. As for the days, I’m flexible

  • Active, internal M+: I like to play M+ a lot. I even prefer it over raiding. As far as possible, this should take place within the guild. Constant pug runs is just not for me.

  • Events: If there are events outside of raids and M+ to strengthen social interaction within the guild, that would be a plus for me.

  • Activity: If your members only make it into Discord during raid times, otherwise randomly run M+ and are generally rather loners, I am absolutely not suitable for you. I’m not looking for that.

  • Age: I’m in my early 40s and would therefore prefer a somewhat adult guild (not a must though).

For a personal conversation you can simply add me in the Battlenet and we can discuss the details there or on Discord. You can reach me at: Sly#23241