50% off for subscription

I just paid one of my 5 accounts gametime with gold for the first time ever and it felt good :slight_smile:

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^ THIS. It’s easy to make gold.

the thing is if you cant pay 15 euros for a month .you wont pay 8 euros either .


Why anyone would ban such an eloquent and pleasant individual is hard to fathom.


I imagine any time out you have had has more to do with the way you speak rather than the content you speak about. Criticising Blizzard has never been against the rules.

You can find the rules here

And the code of conduct here

If it would be 90% of posters here would have been banned for very long time.

Blizzards harshest critics are its fans. Rest do not care as much to bother.


What da flick is that :joy: :rofl:

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I dont think discounts like this is the solution for current situation. Instead they should make game more appealing.

100% XP buff for alts was step in right direction. They should do more stuff like this.
Every week darkmoon faire carnival active for example.
Every week different timewalking on top of casual weekly events.
Maybe bring some summer festival earlier and just leave it going for longer.

These sort of things.

Your posts are hidden before I even get to read them. Maybe less tantrum type posts wouldn’t end up that way.

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Well the only important part was

anyway. You have to cut down on the trolling Puny. Bad elf, bad!

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You’re incorrigible :rage:

Is that any way to speak on a forum for players of the age of 12 upwards you should be ashamed of yourself .I do hope you enjoy your vacation from the forums because that’s whats going to happen you are vile and disgusting worse thing about it is you can not spell your insults correct the shame of you .

No they’re banning you because you act like a gibbering child who was handed the keys to a BMW instead of a Mercedes for your birthday. You can criticise Activision all you like, others do as well. only difference is they don’t get banned because they are mature enough to be able to control themselves.

You can’t. Which sucks for you, as you keep getting banned, but Blizzard get a good laugh reading your drivel before they ban it, and we get a good laugh reading it too before we get some peace from your bellyaching.

Grow up kiddo.


Can I have his car?


You hurt my head!!

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No need for gifting anything. Ty anyway, ur good person :heart: people don’t get this sh.t for real, people losing jobs, people die. I dont mind to pay for game but next few months will be hard and i know it. Hope ur kids are good. Take care all.


Stares down my imaginary glasses

No U!

yep i got 10 years wow gametime card from a friendo who works in blizz fr