500 internal server error

my auto renewal didn’t renew my sub so i tried but i keep getting [500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR] i looked it up online. it mentioned to clean my browser cache and if im using an abblock to remove it but still i have the same issue.

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there is trouble in blizzard land , guild chat aint working , guild not vissible and such , you prolly have to wait till they wake up at blizzard HQ

Hello Eredegrey,

What I would suggest that you try is to remove any payment methods that you have attached in your Battle.net account management, under this page.

Then re-add your current payment method. Additionally it might be beneficial that you disable any ad-blocking software on our website and clear your browsers’ cache and cookies. This article has a few more troubleshooting steps.

Hello I am also getting error 500 when I try to go to the payment page to change my payment method

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I’m going through this now and it blows my mind that I could not find an actual fix for this anywhere…

have the same problem and cant fix it already sended a ticket but they only send me that link that says to clean cache and adblocks …

If you’ve cleared your cache & cookies, disabled adblocks and also removed & re-added your payment method then reopen the ticket. It’s the payment method that usually fixes it.

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