5900X + RTX 3070 WoW benchmarks

I did some more benchmarks. This time putting Ryzen 5900X + RTX 3070 vs Threadripper 1920X + Vega 64 in WoW at 3440x1440 ultrawide resolution:


Overview benchmarks of other components available in separate articles :wink:

It’s 60% better overall isn’t it?

I’m interested to see what the 3960x and above for Threadripper will be like when they get released.

Does make me ponder if there be a new socket for threadripper after this gen coming though, if Threadripper will support DDR5 ram in the 4960x and above.

They didn’t give any guarantees for the TR sockets like for the AM4. They can change as they see fit. I would say Zen 2 and Zen 3 Threadrippers can use the same socket - but you never know…

Zen 3 Threadrippers should be interesting to see. There’s nothing on Intel side that can compete with them at the moment. Well, not unless they make a i10 or something and make a inbetween Desktop/Server CPU.

Zen 3 Epyc’s will be interesting to see but server side, they have more threat from ARM making progress there.

Surprised more haven’t move to Epyc though, cheaper to run. Think AMD would do well to get someone on board like a online game that requires a fair few servers around the world.

That’s a workstation/HEDT part not really aimed at gaming or any day to day usage (and with like 32-64 cores the clock speeds will be much lower than in consumer parts). Intel have some Xeons here and there and depending on workload they may actually be better (some RAM corner cases, AVX support etc.)

Server market and hyperscalers work in longer periods of time. Switching the whole unit from Intel to AMD is something that won’t happen really quickly and Intel has “off roadmap CPUs” that are offered to hyperscalers - and they use them to upgrade in existing units. This is only a partial solution and at some point they will replace them - with Epyc, ARM or Intel solutions. Plus deals made with such high end customers aren’t that commonly reported in news. SuperMicro may offer Epyc servers but you don’t know how many were sold and to whom etc.

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