6/9M Paladin / Warlock (H/A) LF a new home



Due to harsh times in the Guild im now looking for a new home for a longer time. So i perf to see a long living Guild, Not looking for something freshly started or a Guild that recently merged.

I’m looking for a serious 2-3 (or more) nights raiding guild with a competitive environment to push Cutting Edge. If you have high mythic plus players thats a big upswing!

About me:

I’ve got 6/9M BoD experience on 3 charrs. With progress on mekka down to 20%.
Sadly i been needed on mainly classes to fill allot of roles during the last tiers. If we lost a tank i started to tank. When we missed ranged i Went ranged. This made my logs suffer on bosses seeing i been missing some items on bosses and havent got the time to get the “Deep Learning” on a boss with a certain class. But this is something i wish to change aswell, I want to play a stable main with 1 alt up to pair.

On my classes i make sure i can play most speccs. (I try to avoid healing in raids only)

Item Level: 412-418 on my charrs
HoA Level: 45-47


Im looking for a new Guild because i got to take over the Guildmaster role and i feel that this is not me. I been raidleading for a few tiers wich i enjoy, but having the role as both Guildmaster, recruiter and officer is taking a toll on me and makes me enjoy the game less. So i wish to return back as a raider and focus on my charrs to make sure i play the best at all times! My goal is to get CE and i wish to hunt CE every tier!

Im about to leave members i been playing with for a long time, but i feel that i want to evovle more as a player and i can offer so much more than im currently doing.

If you feel that i can offer anything to yr Guild send a battle/discord tag and we can have a chatt ingame or on discord. I don´t mind playing Horde/Alliance and im fine with swapping servers.

Thanks for Reading and i hope i will talk with you soon.

(Beckmiester) #2

Hey there please add me for a chat,



Good morning.

Contact me for a chat if interested.
Discord: Mimilini#1820
Btag: Mimilini#2217


Hey there!

You didn’t leave any contact details so if you’re interested add me on btag; Megnog#2217 and we can have a chat!

Look forward to hearing from you!


Hey Saeharon,

I can sympathise with a lot of what you said in your post (The GM/Recruitment role falls to me here). We are very long established guild (12 years) - We currently have an opening for either your Rogue or Warlock. You can check out our full recruitment post bellow.

Contact me on:

Discord: Krathe#3304

BattleTag: Krathe#2321