6/12 M Established Guild Recruiting - Arathor/Hellfire (A)

Divine Retribution is an 9 year old Alliance Guild on Arathor/Hellfire server and is recruiting for 8.3. We got Cutting Edge in BoD and are currently 6/12 in Ny’alotha

We have a couple of raid spots for skilled DpS players wanting to raid Mythic in Ny’alotha. We are particularly interested in ranged DpS and particularly a Boomie with resto O/S, but we would be happy to consider other dps classes as what is most important to us is that you are a good fit for our team. We are really interested in is WHO you are rather than the class you play.

We curently do not have main healer or tank spots available right now, but again… happy to talk !

The Small Print!

Finding the right Guild is important when we spend so much time here in WoW, so this post is lengthy so we can set out our stall and not waste your time or ours recruiting the wrong people. We have been around for 9 years, we aren’t going anywhere - having weathered the trials and tribulations of 5 expansions before BfA and having successfully moved from 10 man to 20 man raiding. So you can be sure of joining a well established Guild.

So who are we?

A lot of new members tell me that we remind them of their old Vanilla Guild. Here’s why:

We are competitive - we like progress and we take our raids, though not ourselves, seriously. However, for us the joy of getting that bloody awful HC/Mythic boss, that we have been wiping on for a week, down… is more about WHO we achieved it with than what upgrades to our ilvl we got over the rest of the team. We don’t whine when we wipe, we dance when we down.

We recognize that this is a game, people have busy lives outside it - so the time we spend here together should be as stress free as possible, should avoid Guild Drama, should give everyone in the guild an opportunity to progress and make friends. I say ‘busy’ rather than ‘real’ lives because here at DR we make real friends, we meet up in ‘real’ life, so for us WoW, although a ‘game’ and not put before our day-to-day lives outside the guild, is a part of our real lives. This spills over into the way we behave with each other. We are not faceless fingers behind a computer screen, so we show each other respect and take an interest in each other. At the same time, we are not a therapeutic community, our Officers are not psychologists, so we also don’t encourage needy, attention-seeking SLS (Special Little Snowflakes). We are just a bunch of well adjusted, mature - lovely people that enjoy playing WoW enormously.

Our ages range between 20 and 50+ and we have a good mix of female and male players. We hail from all over the EU. Our younger players are mature for their age, and our old timers can still shake their stuff! Given the wide age range and mix of guys and girls as well as a pretty good coverage of most eu countries and therefore mix of cultures, our guild/raid chat is mature, often hilarious, but we manage to avoid having the kind of situation where for example; a girl logs on and five 13 year old lads go into panic mode and start reaching for the tissues… u know wat I mean ;p

We don’t have a member list of hundred’s and we do like to know everyone in the guild, not have people sign on and be ignored because no-one knows who they are. In order to do this, we keep our recruitment and therefore member roster small.

We have formed some great friendships over the years but we pride ourselves on how welcome we make new friends feel. We have held annual Guild Meetings for the past 9 years and these events, while not obligatory, have been enormous fun and really helped build the team atmosphere we are so proud of. We are also very well organized, we tend to think that a relaxed fun atmosphere and end-game progression go hand in hand if there is a structure behind it.

We raid: (7.45pm for invites, Boss pull @8pm)
Wednesday 7.45 -11.30
Sunday 7.45 -11.00
Monday 7.45 -11.00

So, if you are looking for an ‘Old Style’ new WoW home, please reply here. You can also take a look at our website: www.divine-retribution.eu. Feel free to whisper Ellz (Arathor) in-game for a chat. RL ID Ellz#21767 We don’t do written applications; attitude and personality are far more important to us than ilvl and long lists of achievements and that is much easier to gauge in a chat.

Thanks for your time!

Please note that if you visit the site, Weekly Updates are there every week, but may not all be visible unless you are registered. We are here, we are alive and we ARE kicking! :smiley:


I joined Divine Retribution at the end of Legion after just coming back to the game and looking to get back into raiding. The guild is both flexible but also the most organised guild i have ever been a part of. I would highly recomend this guild to anyone who is looking for good raid progression and a nice mix of fun other activities.


I joined the guild last year October-ish and haven’t regretted it for a second. Everyone is incredibly nice and makes you feel welcome. It’s not a guild where the competition is between its members but a guild where everyone strives for the same goals and helps each other out if need be. Although friendly competition does strike up every now and again, as it does between friends but all in good spirit. Not to mention the strong leadership we get from our officers and ofc GM that makes this small guild a solid group.
10/10 would join again… if I ever quit that is :slight_smile:

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Looking for more ranged, come join our guild we have (warlock) cookies!

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I have seen the warlock cookies. They exist.

I play ranged, I like people standing near me come stand near me and shoot arrows or something :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In other words join us

Love Uz

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What a shame after reading all this great stuff I see you raid so early! I was keen until I got to that part. Living in the UK and being -1 hr of server time really does suck!

Hey Yazi - I feel your pain! Yea, damn that GMT ! We have a lot of UK players, just been lucky with how close they work to home and some flexibility they are allowed. 7.45 is invite time, 8.00 pull time - but appreciate that an extra 15 mins isnt going to solve a lot of people’s problems.

Thanks for your comment tho! Happy Holidays !

Come join the fun as we kill the Goonies in Uldir (not the ones from the awesome film ofc)

DR is a great guild - fun people and good progression - you wont regret it

And we need more people to bully the locks for their cookies

Do you like tabards? Guess what!
We have one of those generic guild tabards! For free if you join us! YES FOR FREE! You only have to give us your soul and join us every raid evening for the rest of your life!
Join Divine Retribution NOW and get access to some of the best dad jokes you can imagine!

But in all seriousness, I’m ranged and recently joined when BFA launched. Have had nothing but good times and some good progress! Don’t be afraid if you’re just stepping foot in mythic or are a veteran, there’s a possible spot for you here! :wink:

Still looking for a couple of ranged - Lock/Ele Shammy/Hunter/Spriest for Battle of Dazar’alor

Been with this guild for a number of years now (since Draenor) and it has always gone from strength to strength.
It’s a great place to be and we have a nice team here.
Give us a message if you are looking for a good guild with decent progression.

To all you hot boys and gamer girls,

DR needs your love.

I’ve been with the guild since the very end of MoP and it’s been a great journey! Each tier doing better and better, working more and more in-sync, whilst not losing what our core ideals… that this is a game and games are supposed to be fun.

So I urge you all to come and check us out, we’re brill.


Teamed up with these guys fairly recent but its a place to call home definatly! Great people and fun raiding!

Been here for all of uldir and its been a load of fun, would recomend for solid and fun progression

Lots of Guild do recruitment posts saying how great they are… but members of this guild are replying here cos its not just our GM who thinks its a great place to be! I only joined during Uldir, but the Mythic raiding has been great - both fun and great progress. I love the company here and actually… everything here is really good. So if you wanna get some good Mythic progress in Battle, with great company - then get in touch with Ellz !

4 Years in and counting! Could not have imagined WoW being so much fun without this guild. As said earlier progression is super fun and serious at the same time. How we manage to make mythic progression so much fun is beyond me, but it is the best! Come and join us if you are looking for a great environment to have fun and progress mythic at the same time :smiley:.

4/9 Mythic BoD looking for one or two more players. Current needs would be Ele Shammy, Lock, Spriest, Rogue or MM Hunter but would love to talk to other classes who managed to read all through this and think we might be a fit for them!

A very reliable and nice guild, always there to help and best GM and officers <3

5/9 and still interested in a couple more dps to join us for some Mythic fun.

Join our guild, you muppet

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