7 Vanilla players looking for a guild <Horde>


Hi there!

We are 7 old vanilla players, friends, looking for a guild on Noggenfogger Horde side to raid with.

We are almost full pre-raid bis and looking to do some more then just dungeons.

We are these classes;
1x Warrior (DPS OR TANK)
1x Rogue
2x Mage
1x Warlock
1x Priest (Healer)
1x Shaman (Healer) (hes not 60 yet but 58)

We are looking for a guild which is already sort of raiding but is looking for some more players to bolster their roster. We all raided in old vanilla so we all know what to do on the fights and if we are unsure, we look it up.

We prefer to raid in English as we are from different countries.

If you have any spots in your guild, feel free to contact me on my Bnet; Sjokolade#2629


Hi there!

Im the Recruitment Officer of Fear and Loathing in STV’’
We would be interested in having you join our guild, as we do need more people to raid.

Within 1 week we will have 20+ 60’s in our guild and intend to have our first guild raid within 2 weeks, until that time we will be running semi-guild runs and hoping to recruit more by doing so. We are determined to clear all PVE contents of Classic and have big ambitions for our guild.
Welcome to whisper me ingame as Thordran or my Bnet Thordra#2512 if you have any interest or questions :slight_smile: