7/8 HC Evoker DPS LF guild to clear HC and prog Mythic

Friendly, mature player looking for a HC/M guild.

Not raided extensively, my only prior experience was HC Nazjatar and M Ny’alotha, however, I’m a quick learner, dedicated and chill player.

I managed to clear Nm VOTI week 1, clear 7/8 HC week 2 through pugs, and i’m confident in saying I would’ve cleared HC by now, except it’s been hard meeting the exceptional standards of Raz pug groups.

Other than raiding, I run multiple M+ keys on my main and alt characters, so i’m also keen on pushing keys.

I’m free most of the day/week. My discord is Lazlo#3477 is you have any questions.
Logs/IO: https://raider.io/characters/eu/draenor/Dwaginthicc


Consider Phlebas Might be a good fit for you. We are an heroic/mythic guild (7/8hc at the moment) that is recruiting a couple more people to fill up the last couple spots to start going into mythic. Our current roster is around 16-18 people depending on availability, so hopefully we can fill the last couple spots in the upcoming week or two and start going into mythic.

We are a long standing guild, founded in 2010, and while new members join and leave, we currently have a relaxed, friendly, and mature group of long standing members with a lot of friends made along the way joining for this expansion.

We raid twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday from 20:00 till 23:00 server time. On the other evenings and weekend we run some mythic+ keys with guildies. (between 15-20 on mains, around 12ish for alts).

If this sound something your interesting in joining hit me up in discord (Mike#7983) or Battle.net (Synx#2177)

helllo. we are a guild about to start the mythic progress and are looking for dps.
plz have a look at our rec messedge.

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