[7/9M] [Silvermoon] <Guardians of the Plume> - 2 night weekday Mythic guild

Hello all!

Guardians of the Plume is a 2 night weekday Mythic guild.

We are currently 7/9 Mythic, rebuilding S4

If you’re up for a joke and are not looking for the pressure that comes with hardcore world rank raiding, but still want to progress as far as possible in mythic, please drop us a note! Our aim is to clear bosses with the comp available, so no one will be forced into playing and preparing multiple alts that does not want to. While CE is on the table as one of our goals, it’s not something we hardforce using overtime and extra raid nights. The advertised raid nights are it.

At what times do we play?
Monday and Thursdays 20:00-23:00 Server Time.

Be able to take a joke!
Most of the fun for us is hanging out with friends and down bosses together. We obviously won’t purposefully offend anyone, but don’t be surprised if a few jokes are made at your expense if you keep standing in fire.

Know and learn your class!
We expect you to know what you are doing in your chosen class. If you’re not performing well enough we expect you to be able to take advice to heart and act on it.

Stay up to date!
Anyone wanting to step into raids with us should be willing to keep their gear enchanted, gemmed, and the like. We also expect everyone to do atleast some Mythic plus every week (emergencies barred) to get the gear they need. You don’t have to pug it, usually there will be group runs, but you can’t start out a tier with raidlogging.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for solid people for next season, comfortable with their chosen class(es), spec(s) and role(s). We are also looking for some people with the ability to perform in a flex role.
We are specifically looking for a holy/disc priest, and any dps (DH, Mage high priority)

If you are interested, please feel free to reach out, preferably through Discord:

Discord: lunaface

Discord: Váng#3272

Discord: Devillings#1195

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Updated our priorities and specific needs!

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Hey I’m interested!
My Discord is Hawke#1447

My character is

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Hey Widehardo, we’re definitely open for a chat! If you can reach out to one of us through the discord details above we can have a talk about our and your expectations :slight_smile:

Absolutely the best guys around. Lovely people all around.

Discord request send, would love to have a chat to get some more information

Hey, sent all 3 a Discord request. Look forward to a chat for more information

A lot of very nice interest! Let’s see if we can get some more :slight_smile:

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