80 honor for loss in BG

And you need 1.5-2k honor for a single upgrade.
At the end of the patch.
Btw good luck winning vs russian premades. Out of the last 10 bgs I won 2. No matter which side.
Yeah I am not resubbing I had enough of wasting my time. This game is done. It’s over. Complete garbage made by people who can only make online casinos. This was the last straw for me, sorry guys.
I see no reason to play this game if I need to spend 3 hours to upgrade one single item once.


There is far not only Russian premades, trust me. If q as horde in EBG u will face 80% premades, if u q as ally merc u will face better horde pugs, but on your side will be a lot of horde merc pugs that AFK for honor.


Approximately 15 queues for a single upgrade without time-gating… Not that bad. M+ people were waiting 1 week for a single upgrade! You should be on ‘‘premade’’ side of the teams. Nothing to do with Russians but seems player skill issue to me.

In M+ u don’t play in heroic dungeon gear against 20+ keys mobs u know, but in PvP and ranked PvP u will face it a lot. Gear should be ez to get and much less ilvl difference.
Imagine in PvE people will play in normal/heroic(50%-50%) gear in Heroic raid and 90% pulls RNG will give them Mythic bosses, but in PvP playing like that. I don’t think its ok.


I said about gear upgrade, by losing bg they still get 80 honor.

Honor gains is fine, it’s more about a premade problem.

No honor gains is not fine when you need 100000k honor to upgrade your gear and get almost none of it in arenas and bgs.

But just play RBGs uUUUUHH

Yeah boi I love waiting 5 hours to get a group together to lose and look for new people all over again since everyone leaves.
I want to play arena, to play arena I need to upgrade gear, but arena itself gives barely any honor, and the only real option being BG. But you get 20k hp clowns, healers that afk and enemy team premades all the time which makes the entire farming experience absolute cancer. The cheating russians are always a problem because they always have geared premades.

To play the only fun part of the game (arena) I need to go through all that cancer every time? No. I have had enough. I am not having fun doing bgs, I don’t like doing bgs and I don’t want to be forced playing this garbage unfun unbalanced game mode.

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Actually yes, RBG is not a way to go to farm honor. BG and EBGs full of premades - 80% lost games. Thats why comp stomp brawl must be by default 24/7 365 days/year.
RBG also not welcomed nowdays to undergeared alts, idk even my rogue get declined in 90% grps. They need 2100 geared guys on 1500 MMR. If u join chilled grp - u will find in it not even full honor geared people and when u q against you will be 2100+ guys that chill on 1600 MMR and grind conquest. Its not boosters, cuz boost comps play on 1800-2K MMR - its glad/R1/hoth grps thats need conquest.

U just don’t know what honor gain means, upgrade gear is a joke atm.

I feel you bro… this is so frustrating to wait so long just join a BG and face a geared Premade Group…

I have absolutely nothing against Russians, but 9 out of 10 games against Russian players are totally unfair. I’m not talking about the skill in 1v1, but that everyone is overgeared and the coordination looks suspicious when everyone moves like a big bunch.

With tactical targets, the groups move as if they were all connected in voice chat or on Discord and the targets are selected by a target caller, just like in Rated BG.

In the end, PVP is no fun this way and for me it is unfortunately the last factor in the game that keeps me playing.


Try to play RBG in random low cr grps without gear - u will have 10-20% winrate, cuz at 1500-1600 MMR people in full 1950-2100 gear. This game have very low playerbase in PvP. At least casual BG u can win -50% winrate in BG even if u will AFK, but epic different story.

but you get a lot of Honor during the lost game… Its not just 80. You get 80 as losing reward but you got 200-300ish while you playing.

You can farm the instance? Just join for +15 TOP if you need trinket, go with friends, stack classes or armor types you can ask people to set dps spec or tank spec to get specific items. Pvp is just :poop: cause you wait 15-20 minutes to get a queue to end up with 1-1,2% of the honor required to upgrade.

The reason people lose from russians is because they think they will lose from russians, you design your own universe.

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