9/9 HC, 6/9 M BoD Established Guild Recruiting - Arathor/Hellfire (A)

(Juniper) #21

Come and join us - preferably if you are a Druid as we all know they are the best! Also i need more Kul Tiran chums so we can embrace our glorious bellies!

Seriously though - if you are looking for a fun crowd that is pushing mythic progression steadily without being elitist, DR is for you!

Get in touch!

(Ellzangel) #22


Resto Shammy and either a Hunter/Warlock/DpS DK/Ele Shammy and Rogue. Still happy to consider other DpS classes than listed above


Haii soooo Spriest here, i am one of the newest members of DR (only here since the beginning of BoD) but i hope to be around for a looooooong time. I will definitely join again if i had the chance so i don’t see why u wouldn’t :stuck_out_tongue:



Joined DR in mid uldir. I have to admit that it was the best decision i ever made in this game!

(Ellzangel) #25

Have had a few new recruits, all melee! Where are you ranged raiders!! So, really looking for : Lock/Boomie/Ele Shammy as well as a Resto Shammy to join our heal team.