9.1: Buying Baubleworms with Greys

Apart from the 10K PPC Baubleworm, there are three others coming in 9.1. You can buy these only with grey items you can farm.

Ruby Baubleworm costs : Ground Gear x 1, Robble’s Wobbly Staff x 1, Very Unlucky Rock x 1

Topaz Baubleworm costs Rotting Bear Carcass x 1, Dark Iron Baby Booties x 1, The Stoppable Force x 1

Turquoise Baubleworm costs Rabbit’s Foot x 1, Large Slimy Bones x 1, A Frayed Knot x 1

Some of these are a bit annoying to find, so if you want to do your farming in advance, Maizou did a great post on the US forums explaining how to get them. Some of the sources are available only on characters up to level 30 - see the Edit at the end.

I picked up the first two without any problem, but after killing 100 Slimes at Slabchisel’s Survey on a 13, gave up and sent a 60 into Wailing Caverns and successfully picked up the Large Slimy Bone from one of the Ectoplasms. It took a couple of dozen Pickpockets for me to get A Frayed Not from the Cutpurses in Ellwyn on a level 51 Rogue outside Chromie Time, but I did get it.

I shamelessly steal Maizou’s post below.


"For anyone curious, where I farmed the 9 items:

Fresh Level 10 Allied Race (Locked behind Chromie Time, so you can’t get these on a 50-60)

EDIT: #3 and #4 are not dropping for everyone in Chromie Time. Only confirmed drops have been on fresh characters as of 9.0.5. So either create a fresh Allied Race, or farm them from their alternate locations.

  1. Rabbit’s Foot - Wolves in the Human Starting Area or in Mulgore, just make a new human or tauren character for quick access.
  2. Rotting Bear Carcass - Mangeclaw in Dun Morogh, right before the tunnel to Loch Modan (50% drop rate as opposed to 5% on the bears in Loch Modan). Can also be farmed in Old Hillsbrad Foothills Dungeon from the Bears.
  3. Large Slimy Bone - the two types of slimes right outside the gate leading to Loch Modan from Wetlands. Can also be farmed in Wailing Caverns from the Slimes on any level character.
  4. Ground Gear - Harvest Collectors at Farshire in Borean Tundra. Can also be farmed in Ulduar from Flame Leviathan and Mimiron on any level character. NOT 100% drop even from the raid boss.

Ones obtained on a 60:

  • A Frayed Knot - Pick Pocketed Rogues outside of Stormwind. Bandits and Cutpurses. Only took me a few tries.
  • Very Unlucky Rock - Obtained via the treasure in Nazmir that has a 100% drop on it.

And the ones I consider sadistic:

  • Dark Iron Baby Booties - Only one source, from the Relic Coffers in BRD, 5% drop chance.
  • Robble’s Wobbly Staff - Firelands Trash, 1% drop from any of it. (Pretty much any cata raid works, but Firelands lets you kill a lot before you can exit and reset)
  • The Stoppable Force - Sunwell Trash, 1% drop from any of it. (Again, any BC raid, but there’s a lot of trash in Sunwell before you can reset without killing any bosses)"

(end quote)

Edit: There is something weird about what drops in Chromie Time. A level 10 will see different drops in, say, the Wetlands slimes depending what timeline they are in, and I have just confirmed an old but not levelled level 13 that got no drops on Ground Gear in Borean vs a newly made level 10 that got it in his first 4 kills.

Why the loot table of slimes in Wetlands, that are below the level of any expansion, should differ depending which timeline a character is in, and then differ even between two characters in the same timeline … Wow. That is SERIOUSLY messed up.

If you are getting the first four in the world, it is probably safest to create a new level 10 Allied Race character.

Also see Quintessence’s Blog entry



Well, I got them all, over two sessions.

I got Robble’s Wobbly Staff in one pull of the trash in Firelands, The Stoppable Force on a second run of Karazhan, and Dark Iron Baby Booties in one run of BRD.

The differing loot tables thing was seriously weird, but apart from that I have no complaints. It was pleasant to have something to farm for again. :slight_smile:


Are these pets worth it?

Up to you, ofc, but I was very happy about it. (Apart from the weirdness in the loot tables,)

Really, it’s a MUCH smaller grind than most - and, as I said, rather pleasant.

Comparing all three of those to the Valk or the Minfernal in the old days, or the Baby Ape, Fox, the Karazhan farm … is ridiculous. This is nothing.


Nice thread, i’d like to keep it alive for a bit longer

So far i’ve noticed both Robble’s Wobbly Staff and The Stoppable Force, being sold in
the AH. It seems hardest item to obtain will be those dark iron baby feet, i got mines after several clearings, so this grind is not that ‘sadistic’, but I hope more ppl will share their thoughts on theseor other gray items they have grind in current 9.0.5
Here is the proof _https://imgur.com/a/TNMKqDs

My route in Brd takes, 12-15 minuter per run (with 7-8 coffin keys on average) using Mole Machine, for “The Domicile” From there to upper layer of the arena, followed by west garrison and finally grim guzzler room. Then jump down to insendius platform, climbing up to the ramp to the right till get into vault. After all is done, jump itno lava , die and reset instanse. Killing the dwarven mobs outside the instance prior to enter can get u few more coffin keys.

PS make sure to uncheck auto sell gray items if u use Elv UI


Thanks for posting this, i have been farming, but not gotten anything so will try to make a new char.

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