9/10 H Shadowpriest LF raiding guild ragnaros horde

Hello I’m a chill friendly PvE player looking for a semihardcore raiding (heroic and mythic) + mythic plus guild. Ragnaros server is highly preferred, but I may change realm.

I have curve in previous expansions and also have experience with mythic raiding in BFA and WoD. I stopped raiding after many friends left the game, but I want to get into a guild to do my regular weekly raids and some dungeons.

I’ll join raids with consistency, so I want to take a part in core team if possible.

I can join with my Dh tank (200ilvl) or shadowpriest (212ilvl) depending on your needs.

Here are my logs, they are not the best but I’m open to improve and do my best.

Battlenet: aurea#2476


Hey, we’re not a raiding guild as of yet since we’re a small guild. Please read our post and get in touch if you’d like to join the growth of our guild!

Hi Sendel,

We have 2 raid teams in case you’d like to have options.

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Heyoo! We are a 10/10 HC guild looking for the last 4 peeps to our core team to be able to wander into mythic.
Currently missing DPS + another healer!
Please take a look at our post where you can get some more info! :smiley:

Hi Sendel,

We are Alliance so not sure if your willing to switch but were looking for a few reliable individuals to join our core mythic raid team. Currently 2/10M with Progress Raids on Weds & Fri 20:00 - 23:00 st. HC Farm clear & Alt Raids on Weekends at 1430.

Check us out and get in touch if this speaks to you! Discord: Danray

hey mate after reading your post i think you might be a very good fit for my guild added you on Bnet would love to have a chat :slight_smile: