9/10hc Community is searching dps -- Alliance

Well, hello there.

Once Shadowlands released, I decided to join a few of my friends on Outland for a comeback to WoW. Since then we had a lot of adventures together. In the first week of Castle Nathria release, we have joined a few Raids via the group-finder-tool. Unfortunately all of them have felt pretty underwhelming because of bad preparation & communication. Therefore I decided to be a Raidleader. I spent multiple hours in boss strategy preparations, class utilities/cooldowns, voice communication and much more. Since then I have spent many, many hours in Castle Nathria and what has started as a Community of 3 friends quickly became some sort of a regular Pug with people wanting to join every week.
Meanwhile we are at a point of knowing each others character… in-game as well as irl (to a degree). Smalltalks are happening throughout the raid, we share laughter and yet, when it comes to progression: We keep our focus and we try to be as efficient as possible.
As it stands now, we are regular Community of 2-3-7 -< we want to upgrade it to a 2-3-10 roster asap and therefore we are looking for 3x dps classes with a similar mindset of casual but efficient raiding.

WANTED: Windwalker Monk || Warrior (Arms or Fury) || Balance Druid
Faction: Alliance
TIME: Saturday 19:30 - 23:30 & Monday 19:30 - 23:30
Current Progress: 10/10 NM & 9/10 HC
Goals: Getting a community to head into Mythic Raiding on Outland. | Spending time with each other to push Mythic Dungeons. | Setting foot into RBG’s | Having fun with other creative ideas. (Transmog-runs for example)
Age average: 30-ish years. Not that it matters, since we do have people under and over that, but it’s still an information that matters to some.

Personally, I “only” demand a few things: Good class knowledge | The will to improve your gameplay (by learning from better players via videos/guides/logs/chats) | Raid attendance of at least 80% | non-toxic behaviour (e.g multiple “dumb” wipes or suggestions/critisism towards your gameplay should not lower our positive raid-mood.)

In case I got your interested and you want further information or a quick talk, please message me;
InGame Name: Afam-Outland
Battle-Net ID: Newthezone#2169
Discord: Grausi#8629

Peace <3

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