[9.1.5 PTR] Announced changes to the Hunter class

just play whatever you want eh?
its not like this game has any content that becomes impossible once youre not minmaxed

Build 40622

Source: https://ptr.wowhead.com/news/9-1-5-ptr-build-40622-datamined-class-and-spell-changes-bestial-wrath-removes-324504



  • Beast Mastery
    • Bestial Wrath Sends you and your pet into a rage, instantly dealing [Attack power * 0.65 * 1 * (1 + Versatility) * 1] Physical damage to its target, and increasing all damage you both deal by 25% for 15 sec. Removes Fear and Horrify effects from your pet.
      Beast Mastery (Level 34)
      Bestial Wrath’s remaining cooldown is reduced by 12 sec each time you use Barbed Shot.

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October 25th - Class Tuning & Bug Fixes

Source: https://ptr.wowhead.com/news/patch-9-1-5-ptr-development-notes-for-october-25th-class-tuning-and-bug-fixes-324625


  • Hunter
    • Binding Shot (Talent) root effect can now break upon receiving enough damage. Damage threshold to break is higher than other roots.

      • Developers’ note: We recognize that Binding Shot has become part of a Hunter’s utility package and want it to remain a powerful root that has a lower chance to break on damage than other effects.
    • Freezing Trap now removes active Murder of Crows debuffs on the target when it is applied.

    • Beast Mastery

      • Bestial Wrath’s tooltip has been updated to better match its functionality. No functional change has been made to Bestial Wrath.
    • Marksmanship

      • Fixed an issue that caused Marksman’s Advantage (Conduit) to remove stealth from targets when Hunter’s Mark was cast.

      • Fixed an issue that caused a player’s Marksman’s Advantage (Conduit) to be removed from targets when another Hunter applied Hunter’s Mark with the Marksman’s Advantage conduit.

    • Survival

      • Fixed an issue that caused Coordinated Assault to require line-of-sight to your Hunter pet.

Player versus player

  • Hunter
    • Fixed an issue where Hunters could capture flags in Battlegrounds while under the effects of Feign Death.

    • Beast Mastery

      • Fixed an issue where Burrow Attack’s (Exotic Ability) cooldown was unintentionally reduced by Kindred Beasts (PvP Talent).


  • Hunter
    • Petrified Pet Food damage now correctly increases with each stack of the Anima Power.

This is the explanation??

We recognize that binding shot is good, so we wanted to make it trash?

Blizzard get a damn grip

It is now purely solo talent, it’s dead in any party play (breaks at 26k damage).

Source: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/ptr-915-development-notes/1082616/24

The Hunter Binding Shot change from this week’s PTR update has been reverted.

  • Developers’ note: Due to an oversight when changing Binding Shot from a stun to a root, Binding Shot was not updated to obey normal root rules. During our bug fixing process, we updated it to break on damage in 9.1.5. However, we realize this is a big change and that Binding Shot has become a powerful tool for Hunters. As a result, we are reverting this change and allowing Binding Shot to not break on damage.
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I’m still waking up, so does that mean they won’t go ahead with the changes?

Seems to be the case yes.

9.1.5 PTR Class Tuning Hotfixes October 27


  • Marksmanship

    • Aimed Shot A powerful aimed shot that deals (273% of Attack power) Physical damage.

      Effect #1 School Damage
      Value: 0 (AP mod: 2.73)
      (Pvp Multiplier: 1.11.15)

    • Rapid Fire Shoot a stream of 7 shots at your target over 2 sec, dealing a total of [7 * (38% of Attack power)%] Physical damage.
      Marksmanship (Level 28)
      Each shot generates 1 Focus
      Usable while moving.

      Effect #1 School Damage
      Value: 0 (AP mod: 0.38)
      (Pvp Multiplier: 11.1)


  • Arcane Shot A quick shot that causes (62.7% of Attack power)% Arcane damage.

    Effect #1 School Damage
    Value: 0 (AP mod: 0.627)
    (Pvp Multiplier: 1.21.3)

  • Mend Pet Heals your pet for 35% of its total health over 10 sec.
    Magic Dispel type removed

  • Revive Pet Revives your pet, returning it to life with 100% of its base health.
    Cast Time changed from 4 sec cast to 3 sec cast

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