9.1.5 PTR Update : Korthia & Grateful Offering Catch-up

Blizz released a new PTR update post with a lot of good stuff !

Grateful offerings will now drop from callings if you upgrade the anima Conductor.

Another requested change was korthia acc wide unlocks and relic catchup, altho it’s hard to say how impacting the later one will be. At the very least we’re talking about +20% in average but there’s an additional “increase the average number of relics earned” which was unspecified in the post

Overall a bit of PvP balance, BOA anima tokens and M+ / PvP catchup gear boxes (only if you have a score/MMR higher than 1600), pet battle updates for some reason and more.


Since when we stat calling current progression gear catch up gear? You know in older expansions catch up gear was something what would get you right at minimum itemlvl to start current easyest content no something what you get and will make half of current content absolote. Thats not catch up.

Jesus Christ, pvp is as broken as its possible to be and they are adjusting spells like “heal” and “renew”

I’m not saying they don’t need adjusting but if they are going to communicate it then a good place to start would be saying how they’ve addressed all the degenerate crap thats happening atm.

Hahaha, spinning crane kick got buffed even more? WW was already a beast in aoe, can’t imagine what would happen in 9.1.5

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Those changes should’ve been in 9.1 but still better late than never.

I guess my grind for korthia paragon mount was for nothing, now everyone will be riding that mount without any effort, why even play this game current patch when they just make it free if u w8 for next patch?

Insane aoe but mediocre ST, seems like a fair trade.

“Catch-up” gear was introduced in response to the piteous cries from guilds who were fed-up gearing up new members. Instead, Blizzard gave players a way to get themselves to the door of a Normal raid, with enough ilevel to get them through a run. Then, the guilds could tell their recruits to do that.

Fast forward 5 or 6 expansions, and

Normal raid then = Heroic raid now. Blizzard a little conflicted on what that means these days. Sometimes the catch-up gear is suitable for The New Normal, and sometimes for The Original.

In Korthia, they appear to have split the baby; New Normal (220) for now, and Original Intention (233) later.

it seems we also get our account wide ignore option after all
its on the 9 1 5 ptr dev notes

We have a confirmed +20% relics for tier 6 & a yet undisclosed buff to the number of relics dropped. That’s hardly giving what, 40, 60k or even 80k relics to everyone for free ? I wouldn’t worry about how easy it is to get the paragon mount.

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