9.2 broke my scandinavian keybinds

Today I cannot bind §ÅÄÖ anymore, they get replaced by english/american keyboard-layout when I am in the keybinding-interface.

Is this a bug or a feature? And what is the status of this? Do the devs/staff know about the issue? And when can we expect it to be resolved?

Before anyone mentions it I did not accidentally toggle the keyboard-layout (alt+shift).
It was like this when I logged in, I tried to press my usual auto-run toggle key which is “§” and it didnt work, and when I went into keybinding interface to change it said " \ " when I pressed that key down.

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Must be a bug with the new Quick bind thing they added. I ofc have the same issues with the same binds.


Could be, I’ve seen a lot of people mention they have this issue in general-chat in-game today.

What is this new quick bind thing?

We are currently investigating this issue, it appears to affect players that use another keyboard layout than English. A little more information can be found here.

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I saw the message that the issue was acknowledged yesterday, just curious to see whats the status of it?

My ÆÐÞéÖÚÍÓðþÝæöúíáÁýÉ is totally not working either. Glad Blizzard is looking into this


Blizzard really should not be trying to read the device (keyboard) datastream directly, more, they should be querying the windows HID driver for data. As the HID drivers map the datastream depending on the input locale selected.

Once again, Blizzard getting hoisted by their own belief that they can do it better than the rest of the world.

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Hi there whats the status on this, do you know anything new?

It seems the fixed so keys were again treated for keybinds as if they were in the right spot - but - keys uniquely on certain keyboards - like ½æøå - are completely lost now… And somehow it seems like Blizz’ thinks this is fixed and aren’t working on it anymore.

It still doesn’t work :frowning: I’m trying a ticket and add some begging and see if it helps. I can’t even do a workaround since changing languages doesn’t change keyboard, which is what matters for that.

Blizzard! Blizzard! Give me back my Keybinds!