9.2 is the "end" of shadowlands - Where is Arthas?

Where is my homie Arthas?!

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His the anima you looted last week :wink:

He better stay dead.


He’ll show up in the end, look around and say:

“This entire expansion needs to be purged!”


He’s a part of the Anduin fight.

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Probably unlike Sylvanas he will not be redeemed at the end though…Blizzard explicitly said they do not want to show him much in Shadowlands because they are afraid to ruin his imagine of a villain since WotLK

Heavy spoiler

According to Wowhead’s article Arthas is effectively what Zovaal is using to enslave Anduin’s body. Even tho he is not directly namedropped there are only so many beings, which can be related to “Remnant of the Fallen King”

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Sylvanas probbably knows…

Agreed. They already messed up Sylvanas by making her unreasonable evil, then try to give her a redemption ark out of nowhere. No-one will like this, people that hate her have no reason to like her, people who like her lose their interest for her change of character. They could just’ve let her die in a blaze of glory.

Same is for Arthas. Arthas is a tragic person, a promising young prince who became the King of everything that’s evil on Azeroth. His story is about a young naive child that became horrible by the ice cold bitterness that’s adulthood and responsibility (in a metaphorical sense).
His last words characterise this, as he said he only saw darkness in the end.

So now what? He comes back from the Maw and is the true Arthas again? The good young Arthas who wished to help the champions in defeating the greater evil that enslaved him, the jailor?
That’s not how writing a tragedy works. Arthas is Azeroth’s version of lucifer, a tragic tale that ended in endless torture.


I diden’t know arthas befriended tarurans?

He’s not a villian he’s my prince my king And he needs to become the one true king the frecking high king of the alliance return him back to azeroth and fight alongside him FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!

kingsmourne hungers!
aka his the sword most likely

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