A 10 day ban that seems abusive - guidelines wanted

Hey there,

One of my favorite streamers (not well known - mostly doing M+ content) got banned for advertising in LFG. I’m not gonna name them here because that may not help their case, but I am really wondering what’s up.

There was never a mention of twitch, no mention of “stream” in the group name. Name of the group was “NO HEALER RUN /xyz”, where “xyz” is both their in-game character name and their twitch handle. No “TTV” or anything that could remotely resemble a reference to twitch.

Well known streamers put their handle in their LFG group all the time even when it’s not their character game, and it’s not an issue for them. I’m wondering why such a ban for advertising could be issued, it looks totally abusive.
I am really bummed that player got banned - they’re doing some high quality content running high level M+ without healers - making the community more active/vibrant imho.

Doubt I can change anything, but I figured I might as well post in the off-chance this helps.


They don’t permit discussions of account actions on these forums. If your friend wants to appeal, they have to appeal for themselves by following the instructions in the email they were sent informing them of the ban.

Being a streamer does not make them immune from bans.

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Of course - I’m not mentioning who that is, I’m not trying to appeal on behalf of someone. This thread is not to ask for a reversal here.

My only goal here is to voice a general concern - writing a handle that’s the name of the character in LFG shouldn’t be bannable, period. I’ve done that myself without streaming, when I wanted to group with someone of the opposite faction so I could trade them dungeon loot after the group disbanded.

If anything, having clear guidelines would help. Advertising is forbidden for good reason, but if anyone can come up with their definition of advertising depending on the phase of the moon, then the ToS are meaningless.

This is the ingame advertisment policy:

If you want to give feedback about the Blizzard policies its best to do so at GD or directly through the ingame suggestion button. Feedback is not monitored on this forum.

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Thank you :slight_smile: