New Services Advertisement Policy

This week the 9.2.7 update introduces the new chat channel: Trade (Services). The Trade (Services) chat channel is used for searching and advertising services like raiding, dungeons, or PvP activities, keeping the original Trade chat channel available for traditional buying and selling of items and profession services.

With the separation of trade services into its own chat channel, a new policy will take place. Any boosting, carrying, or other similar services offered for gold that’s advertised outside of the Trade (Services) chat channel will be considered spam and the proper actions will be taken, so be sure to switch your service advertisements to the new chat channel when it becomes available after this week’s regional maintenance.


discord bans boosting community, Blizzard offers them a separate channel to continue their business of RMT through wow token… no wonder why specific design decisions are taken. Seems Blizzard aims for wow tokens instead of more players.


If I want to advertise for my guild (recruitment), in which should I do it?


Discord has not banned boosting and the communities are back as far as I’m aware.

Blizzard has only banned boost for real money (RMT has always been against the rules), boost for gold are permitted. They have also banned communities from boosting in wow and advertising in trade. Indidivual groups of friends and/or guilds are permitted to advertise their services for gold.

To alleviate the issue that Trade is just selling spam, they are creating this new channel which was a feature requested by players.

Advertising in the group finder is not permitted and I wish they would come down on the advertisers hard and actually police it.


but lets be honest… those people who are in need of a boost does not make thousands gold in-game… that would mean that they play the game at least semi-hardcore and wouldnt need a boost. They buy the gold with real money through wow token. Just because it is “legal RMT” does not mean its not RMT… this makes the game P2W. There are many threads and videos on the internet about this I am not the only one.

People buy tokens with real money to buy their ilvl in an MMORPG… if thats not RMT and P2W then what is it? This boost destroy the game for average players who feel like being cheated on competition. Probably blizzard economic employes have figured out that is more profitable to sell wow tokens than get thousands more subscribers.

But it is RMT


Boosting has been going on in the game as long as I’ve been playing.

However there is no denying it is a lot easier for players to get their hands on gold with tokens. There are ofc those who play the AH well and make gold in game. I don’t consider buying a token RMT. If you remove the token people still buy gold. Just from dubious sources. It is prolific in the Classic versions. Those that buy and get caught get a slap on the wrist.

Boosters can convert their gold to balance and buy cosmetics, expansions, other games, game time etc that way ofc.

I don’t have an issue with boosting, I personally do not care what people do with their own gold. I just don’t want to have see it in the group finder.

IMO the thing that contributed most to the explosion in boosting is that so much content can be repeatedly done by the same players over and over. In the past raid lockouts would mean you could go in once, one boost a week. That lockout system only exists in Mythic Raiding now. Mythic plus is only limited by the instance lock per hour.


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Translation: We heard your cries about the spam and will give boosting companies an additional channel to spam on and do RMT with.


The goal of this change is to keep trade clear for player trades and professions. Unless your service is helping someone level up their own profession (IE boosting) the trade channel is clearly still the place for it.

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i m update the last patch a few sec ago but my game not working and like that warnning :An updated version of World of Warcraft is available. Please launch the app to download the update. Pls fixed that thing thnk u

Me and alot of other players, who like to play 10h in one go, and then not touch wow again for a long time, wouldn’t be happy about changing this :smiley:

Seems u didnt read the post.

Tomorrow if any boostspammer use old trade chat, will be silenced.

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And how long will they keep that up for? Because if the newer rules for the LFG tool are anything to go by then they haven’t shown much success at dealing with the problem.

I was online when they banned the boosting community spammers.

Nova and similar spammers cleaned up from the chat very fast.

I keep seeing in heroic list for raids that they still make boosting…

And this was when?

This time:

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That didn’t stop the boosting spam in trade chat or LFG tool, they just went around the issue and found other ways like making guilds simply to boost.

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