[A] 380 Warlock/365 BM Hunter looking for 1 night/week Mythic raiding guild


I am currently in a 1 night raiding guild which unfortunately broke down due to some people lost interest in the game. I have been playing since vanilla. I am looking for mature group with similar passion to the game but have very limited time due to family/work commitments. Don’t mind to move servers or even, for the right guild, faction.


I’m an officer in Primordial Flame and we’re especially looking for more ranged dps and healers, so both your Warlock and your Hunter would be very welcome! :slight_smile:

Here our recruitment post for more information:
Primordial Flame is an English-speaking Horde guild on Drak’thul (EU) looking to fill gaps in our Raiding roster as we progress through Mythic Uldir (2/8M) and head into 8.1 content.

We transferred to Drak’thul from Shadowsong/Azsune on the 13th November in order to open ourselves up to more players.

Currently Recruiting:

  • However, Ranged DPS; Priests are high priority.

Our current raid schedule is 7pm - 11pm UK time (8pm - 12am server time) on Thursday & Saturday. Our Saturday Raid is currently subject to change.

Please come with experience if applying for our Mythic Raid team, preferably having cleared HC.

Please contact our GM or one of our officers on Battlenet for more details.

  • EIDOLON#21568 (GM)
  • blacksheep#21897
  • Wimball#2238

Don’t worry if you are unable to raid both Thursday and Saturday every time or at all, as long as you’re communicative about it when you can’t come, no one will say anything.

We’d be happy to have you on our team :slight_smile:


Hi there! Check this one out and if you find anything you like, please contact me.

(Yandeere) #4

Here is our Raid recruitment post. Hit me up in discord if you are interested. Yandere#1423

We are mostly very busy workers, students and parents. If our times fix yours, we can trial you and you can test us for 2 weeks before you consider a server transfer, we are in outland. Looking forward to talk to you.



Thanks for the offer. I can’t raid 2 nights a week due to family commitment. Specially Thursday.
All the best.

(Patchesu) #6

Hey man, your welcome to.join us as a stand in. We are geometry… and are 6/8m. Find one of us online if you are interested