[A][4/9HC] Luna Argentum (Silvermoon) recruiting

(Qrueldru) #1

Luna Argentum is a fairly new formed guild with old time friends. We started progressing in a laid back manor since Battle for Dazar Alor. During the week we all love to hang around on Discord and have a laugh together. Once a year we have a BBQ where we meet up, enjoy some drinks and way too much food and that’s the way we are. We enjoy a very social aspect of the game and most of us have met in real life even if that means taking a boat, plane or portal to get there.

Raiding is also very important to us but we do have to fit it in our (sadly) grown-up lives. We have a clear goal in mind, we want to get Ahead of the Curve and if we have enough people we want to go into Mythic but the latter is just laid back. We love the challenge but we either do it as a team or we don’t do it at all! We will be raiding on Monday and Wednesday from 19:45st (first pull 20:00) and we quit around 22:30 Server Time.

Currently we have killed 4/9 HC and we expect ppl that want to join to be around the same level. Furthermore we obviously expect players to have there gear appropriately enchanted and bring consumables to our raids.

Besides raiding we have a couple of players that are very much in Mythic plus and some PvPers.

We are currently looking for additional people to fill up our raid team. Socials are most welcome to join our guild but most fun is to be had if you are not afraid to speak on Discord.

Feel free to /w any officer within the guild.


Hope to hear from you soon!


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