[A] 412 ilvl Shadow Priest looking for guild!



I’m a Portuguese player that is currently looking for a guild to progress with.
During BDA, I got a progress of 3/9M and 2/2N in CoS (being the latest with pugs because I stopped raiding in the meantime)

I am looking for a guild that raids at around 20:30/21 GMT up until 00:00 maximum, at any days of the week. I main Shadow Priest but I’m willing to play other classes if necessary. The main goal is to push as far as possible in 8.2 and maybe get that Cutting Edge that we all want!

Currently, I’m playing on Silvermoon but I am willing to change servers for a guild that I think could be fitting for me.

You can contact me through my discord (Zé#7754) or through BattleNet (Jus#21953)

Thank you very much!


Hi I’m the range officer for tactical nuclear penguin, we’re currently 7/9M bod and 2/2 hc cos, and we plan on going further in eternal palace. We like the look of your application and would like to chat. Add me on athosian#2799 and I will get back to you.

Thank you for your time.


Still looking!