[A] 4/12M, LF raiders that are kind and calm :)

Hi :smiley:
Recruiting players for MYTHIC NYA progress, on Alliance (TheMaelstrom, Karazhan, Deathwing, Lightning’sBlade). We are currently 4/12, and we have a casual/calm and social atmosphere without toxicity.

A little about us: Me and my husband started this social guild the 21 of April 2014. Currently 402+ unique players, this number change everytime there is a cleanup or new friends arriving:P We are always looking for kind players who want a chill/casual-social guild to join, also want dedicated people who is active and talkative.

Our other activities: People in the guild have different goals, so what we do varies depending on date and time, always love doing new content but also like collecting: Achivements/Mounts/Pets/Toys and other “old” activities xD. We try to adapt to the current most active players, and atm its mythic and mythic +keys :smiley:

Our goal: Is to have a toxic-free environment, and we are not afraid to kick if someone do not behave. Hope that this advert will help find more friends, and be a great place for new and old players!

Our community: We have discord (approx 230 members), facebook (80 ppl).
We also have a WoW community; currently with 200 members, whom we hope can be a platform to always find someone to play with even tho some are hordes:P

Info: Another thing is we do not kick for small wow breaks, but we do kick if your main or alts have been inactive for 5-6months, to make room for more those who play alot :slight_smile:

Contact: Feel free to whisper me (Gullible/Anettehunter) are my two most played chars, or (Noalin/Hrrosa) my co-gm (The Maelstrom)!
Or whisper our officer (Lork-Karazhan) she is usually more online than us:P
If none of us are online, just apply in the guild finder with a small note about yourself :slight_smile: and we will accept you when we see it.
-Also have a post on Raider IO, just search for our guild name for more info :wink:

-Best Regards us in E.C <3

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