[A] [8/8 HC] Illustrious is recruiting

<Illustrious> is recruiting and looking for like minded players to fill up our raid roster continuing into BFA. We clear HC every tier and is currently looking to maybe dabble in Mythic if there is interest. We raid two times a week on wednesdays and sundays at 20:00-23:00 Server time.

Classes desired:
We are currently looking to recruit any and all RDPS but will take MDPS as well. We are oversaturated in healers but welcome them into our ranks as long as they are fine with sitting out on progression if necessary.

What we expect from you:

A strong attendance rate (80+%) during progression

The ability to work in a team - the team's success is more important than your place on the DPS meter

Preparation - you can't come unprepared to a heroic raid (yes, even Demon Hunters need to prepare)

Good existing knowledge of your specialisation, and the willingness to expand that knowledge

Respectful behaviour - though friendly banter is fine (and encouraged). Needlessly offensive behaviour, however, will not be tolerated.

What you can expect from us:

A friendly and inclusive atmosphere

Solid raid progression across all difficulties we partake in

Free food and flasks during progression (and on farm, for the most part)

Mythic+ dungeons

Guild repair

Competent management (mostly) from an overzealous paladin, a depressed death knight and a South African Chicken.

Fun - because that's really what this is all about

Wow progress link

Application Form:

Any further questions can be sent to either Briggsey#2199 or Angel#12813
Still need RDPS and currently recruiting a Tank as well!

Hi all i have 4 characters 435+ was curious if your still recruiting im available a few nights a week too raid and im a actually helpful guild member. Thx