(A) [8/8HC, 2/8M] Glamour LF more Healers & DPS

EU Horde Kazzak

• Ahpuch - Omn#2283 (GM)


Glamour is an awesome group of people with a dedicated core that wants to down mythic progression bosses but have fun while doing so. So pointing to each other and/or godlike attitude are not welcome! We believe that teamwork and hard dedication gives us the desired progression, not just HPS/DPS.

We are currently looking for more reliable raiders to round out our heroic and mythic core roster!
We are currently working on HC & Mythic Vault (together with PUG’ers) / forming a team for mythic Vault and are looking for those who would like to join us in pushing our way up the ranks for not only just for this content, but for the upcoming content as well.

We are striving to perfect our team (in social and progressive matter) to be ready for progression in the upcoming content.

For simplicity sake I am trying to keep this post rather short so if you would like more in depth info or have any questions about our guild or it’s history we would prefer a more personal chat with any potential recruits via btag or Discord!
Also, if you are applying and come from a different server and need help with your transfer please let us know and we will work something out with you (like first pass the trial).

If our raid times and days fit your schedule and you are looking for a guild to see this expansion through and progress into the next feel free to add some of the battletags below so that we can further discuss the raid program,
the environment, and why you should join us :).


  • 8/8HC, 2/8M


• MELEE (High)

  • WW / DH / Warrior / Enhance / Devastation

• RANGED (High)

  • MM Hunters / (Any spec) Warlocks / Balance Druid/ Arcane Mage / Shadow Priest / Elemental Shaman

• HEALER (High) - (DPS offspec is an great bonus!)

  • Monk
  • Shaman
  • Evoker


• Raid Days

  • Sunday
  • Thursday
  • Tuesday (Optional alt runs)

• Raid times

  • 19-11:00PM CET / Game Time.

Thanks for the reading and happy gaming!


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