(A) Above Average 17/17 3D raiding guild is looking for YOU!

Above Average
17/17 OS3D

We are a Semi-Hardcore guild looking to clear all the content Classic has to offer with 1-2 raid days a week. We clear pretty fast and clean whilst understanding people come online to relax and have a good time! Our raid atmosphere is about focusing on bosses and all of the laughs inbetween! This is really important to us.

For the rest of the Wrath Content we are aiming for all Hardmodes and Achivements. Phase 1 is about securing the correct roster for Ulduar and beyond. As many of you are aware you can PUG content at the moment. In future content at the start it will be slightly more difficult. Thus we believe having a stable guild and mature leadership will be able to push through that hardmode content with no issues.

:mag_right: Recruiting
We are after the following classes:

1 x Hunter
1 x Warlock
1 x Feral Druid

We DO NOT recruit for the bench. That being said we always look for exceptional players who fit our mentality. Please feel free to apply if your class isn’t being looked for, we always value exceptional players over the correct ‘class’. Many of our players can flex classes thus we encourage you to apply if you are Above Average!

:calendar: Raid Schedule
Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 ST (25man)
Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 ST (Optional 10mans)
Monday 20:00 - 23:00 ST (25man)
Invites 19:45, pulling at 20:00 latest

:gift: Loot
We use a SR x 2 > MS > OS System for Phase 1.

In future tiers we will switch to Loot Council. The LC normally goes by generic BiS lists and try even out loot distribution fairly.

:hatching_chick: Trials
Trials typically have a 2 reset Trial.

If you are interested in joining please contact:
Bluku Bnet: bluku#2821
Discord: Bluku#2397

Vioz Bnet: Area51X#2756
Discord: Vioking#5755

Thank you for your time!

Time to start prepping this roster for Ulduar Hard Modes - Full steam ahead - if you are interested and on Pyrewood and aren’t sure about what to do for guilds, give us a chat!

Nice one day clearing at the moment, come be apart of the fun!
Looking for 2 x Hunter, 1 x Enhancement Shaman and 1 x Resto Druid/Resto Shaman.

We’re looking for 1 x Hunter, 1 x Warlock, 1 x Feral Druid and 1 x DPS DK to bolster our roster ready for Ulduar hard modes. Come join us :smiley:

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