[A] <Absolute> Raiding and M+ guild (Shadowlands)

Absolute are a guild that was formed during WoD by IRL friends wanting to play together.

We are a fun and friendly guild that likes to have a laugh but also achieve our goal of getting Curve for each and every tier.

We have a stable roster but are recruiting all classes and specs to join us as we smash our way through each and every tier. We strive to accommodate everyone that we can and make them comfortable.

All we require is :

  • Some knowledge of your class
  • Willing to learn encounters
  • A good attendance although we do understand people have lives but also don’t like to be taken advantage of
  • Ability to bring the fun cause if you can’t laugh we are probably the wrong place to be
  • The ability to take constructive criticism where needed, we are happy to have you in raids even if you’re not that good but we are always willing to help you get the hang of your class and will even accommodate re-rolls if you feel you are better with another class.

We will be testing new players during Pre-Patch in Ny’alotha to get set in roles and whatnot. We also have a few M+ players who are to help push keys.

Currently got Ny’alotha Heroic on farm. We raid Wed, Sun and Tues. (21.00-00.00pm ST)
Socials are always welcome
Add the guild GM on Bnet BTag iQuutamo#2833 for more info. (18+)

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