[A] Abstine (Hellfire) 2/9HC LF ranged dps


Only a few days to go to the new raid!

Why not come and see if you would like to experience it with us?

STill looking for dps,and if you are ranged, then all the better :slight_smile:

(Bunnye) #23

still looking for those Gnomes or Dwarfs the smaller the better, for our high repairs for high tinker mekkatorque going to be GREAT! join us


We are still looking for more dps for the upcoming raid! Come and join us!

(Libbi) #25

Excited for the new raid?
Come and have a chat with us!

We are looking for dps, especially ranged!


Looking for dps, especially ranged, to join us for the new raid!


Weโ€™re wrecking the new raid! Come join us and have fun progressing!

(Libbi) #28

Just a few more dps to join us.

Why not come and take a look? :slight_smile: