[A] Abstine (Hellfire) 2/9HC LF ranged dps

(Libbi) #1

Faction: Alliance
Server: Hellfire/Arathor
Website: www.guilded.gg/abstine

We are 8/8HC Uldir

Oh Hi! I didn’t see you there! I’m Libbi, the GM of Abstine. Would you be interested in joining us, a small, Heroic but fun-sized guild? (just like me!) If you do, then read on. You know you want to!

About us

We are a casual, heroic raiding guild, who have been raiding together for many years. Our core raiders are all ex-hardcore raiders from the early WoW days. Now we all prefer a more relaxed raiding environment but we still hit our objective of Ahead of the Curve Heroic each expansion and plan on continuing to do so for Bfa. We want to expand our core raiding team in time for Battle of Dazar’alor!

Raiding Schedule

Monday: 20.30 - 23.30 Server time
Wednesday: 20.30 - 23.30 Server time

What we are looking for:

We are looking for healers and dps (All classes are welcome to apply)

We happily welcome new and returning players and we also encourage group applications.

We are looking for Social members to come and join us too.

What we expect:

  • Use of Discord and a working microphone

  • Be able to speak and understand English

  • Good class and encounter knowledge

  • Able to follow instructions from Raid Leaders

Contact info

If you would like to chat to myself or one of the officers in Abstine, please feel free to add us on Bnet or Discord.

GM Libbi: Bnet - Pinky#2953 / Discord – tilleymint#7370

Zaphkiel: Bnet - Silverwillo#2290 / Discord – silverwillo#5715

Ashandarei: Bnet – Nyobe#2121 / Discord – Ash#3792

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(Bunnye) #2

Bump, I wonder what Libbi new doing for a new years resolution is :thinking:

(Gordma) #3

My new year resolution is to make everyone even MORE uncomfortable on discord! Come join us and see for yourselves!

(Bunnye) #4

Gordma you should join my horde alt and gank Libbi’s alt :smiley: just don’t tell her


Join us! We have an awesome group of raiders! Make us a better team and lets smash the new raid!

(Libbi) #7

Still looking for some more members to join us as we prepare for the new raid!

What we are looking for:

Melee dps
Ranged Dps
Healer (any class)

(Ashandarei) #8

Still looking for DPS and healers to bolster our raid team for Battle for Dazar’alor

(Gordma) #9

With the next raid just a couple of weeks away, now is your chance to join us! Relaxed yet focused Heroic raiding, while having a laugh! Noams need not apply! (runs away from Libbi)

(Libbi) #10

Looking for a healer (any spec) and dps to join us!

We are a crazy madhouse full of people, do you think you are too? :slight_smile:

We also will accept group applications too.

(Uthgerd) #11

Hey Libbi, I sent you a friend request. would love to have a chat with you :blush:

(Bunnye) #12

Happy weekend to all, hope you hear from our awesome Libbi soon Uthgerd


Looking to join a fun but focus minded guild?

Then come take a look at us! We are looking for a healer and dps.

If you can poke fun at gnomes, all the better!

(Libbi) #14

Still looking for a fabulous healer to come and join us!

Also looking for dps in any of the following classes.

  • Warrior
  • Ele Shaman
  • Spriest
  • Warlock
  • Boomkin
  • Hunter

Please do not be put off if you don’t see your class here, add us and we can have a chat, the more the merrier :slight_smile:


Calling all healers and dps! Come and see what we are about…you might like it!

(Libbi) #16

Would love for some dps and healers to come and see us!
We don’t bite…honest! :slight_smile:


Still looking for more dps and healers to join us for BfD


New raid is only a few days away! What are you doing? Come join us! Every successful applicant gets a pet gnome!

(Libbi) #19

Come and have a chat with us!

Looking for ranged dps to join us.


Still looking for some marvellous DPS to join our team! Come experience what looks to be an awesome raid with us!

(Libbi) #21

Still need ranged dps, though we will look at applicants who would fit into the guild :slight_smile: