[A] <Ace of Spades> Recruiting

Ace of Spades-Mirage Raceway [A] is recruiting. We are an Alliance guild that came from retail and are now aiming to get into the top of the raiding scene on the realm. Despite that, we consider ourselves a semi-hardcore raiding guild; we have people that have never touched vanilla ranging to those that have exclusively played on private servers.

Our current progress is:

Molten Core 10/10 (Realm 5th on Ragnaros, Realm 3rd on speed (1h 02m 47s), Realm 1st on Execution on Lucifron and Gehannas and 3rd on Majordomo)
Onyxia 1/1 (split runs as low as 18/17)

We aim to stay as the top 5 guild when it comes to progress, aiming for clean executions and later on the aim shifts to faster kills. With that said, we have a good amount of active members and socials online that do (organized) PvP and dungeons.

For loot distribution, we use the EPGP system. We currently raid on Wednesday and Sunday from 20:00 till 23:00. Invites start at 19:30.

We are especially looking for:

Feral Druid - High
Mage - Low
DPS Warrior - Medium
Protection Warrior - High

We are always looking for exceptional players that blow our minds. Socials are welcome to join us as well.

If you’re interested, please head on over to https://aceofspades.enjin.com/ to start your application.

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