[A] Aerithium - Social Raiding Guild Recruiting! 12/12M (CE)

Aerithium is a guild based in Silvermoon that has been together for years now, and we are recruiting! We accept all players to our guild for social shenanigans and whatever might be going on, mount and transmog runs are often done.
We are a lively bunch, with an active Discord and guild chat.

We have recently expanded our vision, and as such will be recruiting more going into Shadowlands, all are welcome! We will have 2 teams on the go, and are looking for people to help us achieve our goals!

We are recruiting all players, noone is exempt in our invitation to join the guild! :slight_smile:

Our mythic push team (12/12m) is a jovial, chill raid group, and have the aim to continue pushing for CE. We focus on the community and good vibes, but still ask for good performance, commitment and attendance. We have recently killed N’Zoth, and are recruiting to establish a healthy roster for Shadowlands, with the intention of remaining a casual atmosphere CE team.

For our mythic team we ask you have a level of experience similar to our progression OR can prove yourself to be an exceptional player otherwise.

We consider all applications and accept most into the guild, even if it may not be for raiding - anyone is welcome to join the guild to experience our friendly atmosphere and maybe try a night of raiding in one of our alt runs if you want.

We also have another, more casual atmosphere focused team (12/12hc - 4/12m) that will be ideal for people who work, people with kids or those who are just looking for new friends :innocent: This team will aim for Curve and see where things go from there.

Guild raid times are Wednesday & Sunday 19:45-23:00 (CEST - server time) and despite us always making sure we have a good time in the raid, we seem to do quite well!

Even if you can only raid one night a week, feel free to contact us to discuss options :slight_smile:


Please feel free to message any of us on battlenet or discord using the info below for more information!

If contacting us about joining the mythic team, please come ready with a link to your logs/io profile of your main :slight_smile:



See you in Azeroth!